Guiding principle: The customer is at the centre

Copyright UNISTAHLWe must constantly be aware of the fact that, at the end of the day, every single one of our employees is not paid by UNISTAHL, but rather by our customers. For this reason we want to fulfill the current and potential needs of our customers in every respect. The customer is at the centre – this is how we express this fundamental philosophy underlying our thinking and actions.

Central competitive advantage: Uncompromising quality

Copyright UNISTAHLQuality-oriented thinking and action is a continuous process, that includes the entire company culture, forms goals and strategies and, in doing so, ensures customer satisfaction. All employees make their contribution within the framework of their respective spheres of influence, to the realisation of our high quality standards, secure jobs and environmentally friendly working processes as well as to the constant improvement of all business processes within our company in order to reach the goal of fulfilling our customers requirements and contractual stipulations in every respect to the best of our abilities.

Basis of our success: Our employees

Copyright UNISTAHLQualified and motivated employees are the source of a company’s success. We therefore offer attractive jobs, as well as a working climate that supports training and further education. This is because only relentlessly working on the specialist and personal qualifications of every individual makes it possible to achieve and maintain a competitive edge, which forms the basis for a continued positive company development. In the process, we want to demonstrate as high a level of confidence as possible in our employees and to grant then comprehensive entrepreneurial freedom and personal responsibility. Each individual thus has the opportunity to employ his abilities and experience in the best possible manner in order to implement the customers requirements and to achieve the companies’ goals.

Business relationships: Longterm and partnership-based

Copyright UNISTAHLWe pursue enduring and collegial relationships with our business partners – in the sense of a cooperation that also brings personal gratification. We generate the level of trust necessary for this through the human and professional qualities of our employees. Through this, we fulfill the requirements we place on ourselves – as a reliable and congenial company that radiates personality. It is our desire to contribute to mutual success, shared by both our company and by our business friends, through a continuous exchanging of thoughts and experiences. In the course of this we expect the same approach from them, because only mutual trust and appreciation make shared success possible.